The Impact of Mobile on Recruitment

A Mobile-Friendly Experience is Essential

  • Slow loading speeds
  • Not being able to customize their CV
  • Having to do a lot of typing
  • Difficulty navigating the Careers page
  • Difficulty in completing the job application

How to Make Website Mobile-Friendly for Recruitments

  • Small text and buttons
  • Text running off the screen
  • Pop-ups covering a big chunk of the screen
  • Having to type the same things written in the resumé
  • Completing a test for a minimum-wage job
  • Session time-outs
  • Receiving no status updates about their job application
  • Having to fill in redundant information
  • Too many steps in the application process
  • Optimizing your website for cross-platform or investing in a mobile-first experience
  • Making it easier for job applicants to sort through the open positions
  • Optimizing the site for touchscreens
  • Providing crucial details such as the pay, start date, hours, compensation, benefits, and perks on your Careers site
  • Shortening the application process
  • Removing redundant fields from the job application
  • Setting up automated texts or email alerts to notify applicants about the progress of their application
  • Being present on social media sites (especially LinkedIn) to increase credibility.

Respect Candidates’ Time

Communicate via Mobile

Mobile Recruitment is the Future



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Shubham Yadav

Shubham Yadav

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