Your next rock-star recruit is likely staring at their mobile screen right now. And you can capitalize on this fact to hand that candidate an offer before your competitors can.

People use the desktop mainly for work. But when it comes to browsing the internet, accessing social media, and hunting…

When making online purchases, customers gather as much information as they can. They want to know if the product they’re considering is exactly what they want.

Essentially, they’re making a decision just by looking at a few pixels on a screen. Some companies give them this:

A person undergoes severe biological, cognitive, and psychological changes as an Adolescent. Apart from physical maturation, many neurological changes also take place which is not so obvious because of their intangible nature.

Many people remember it as the most enjoyable phase of their life. The newfound freedom, the urge to…

“Change is inevitable — except from a vending machine.”

— Robert C Gallagher

Interactive Product Visualization is the emerging trend of 2019 and 2020. Businesses that are ready to adapt to the changes have an enormous advantage over businesses that still rely on old methods. …

“About 92% of purchases in the year 2015 were made offline”, according to the data provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Brick-and-mortar business models are here to stay with us. A huge demographic still makes purchases in retail stores encouraging eCommerce businesses to go offline.

We all are aware…

Every year the market is filled with new and crazy gadgets and inventions. And people like me, secretly start wishing to own all of them.

But the real question to ask before you buy them is, “will I be actually using them after 1 month?”

It’s easy to fall for…

Shubham Yadav

Shubham is a freelance writer for hire. He work closely with companies in the E-commerce niche. Visit him at

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